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Management of smart transportation systems for organizations

Providing end to end tailored solutions

for organizational mobility needs


Lead organizations to the modern and efficient way when it comes to managing employee transportation systems

A unique service combined with advanced technology that enables the management of the organization's transportation system from end to end while controlling, to make efficient and saving economically. SaveDrive manages the transportation system and reflects to the organization's senior executives and the entire passenger team in full and in real time the location and details of the trip. Alerts on arrival of the shuttle, driver details and ways of contact, creation of changes, reports and more.


provide you the calmness

to concentrate on your organizational main focus. 


SaveDrive Ltd.
Smart Mobility for Organizations

The world of smart transportation is becoming more and more popular and is also gaining momentum in light of the new challenges in the job market and in general. Organizations and institutions come to the understanding that the field of transportation should have a central place in operational and business considerations and that there is room for improvement and efficiency and a unique adaptation to the needs of the company

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Everyone gets the most relevant and up-to-date information for the drive, from the manager, the passengers in the car, the shuttle organizer and the driver who has been assigned


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Reaching the destination is important, but in addition the road is also important. We take care of monitoring passenger transportation through booked vehicle and / or driver. As part of streamlining the transportation system in the organization, we know how to reflect and criticize the transportation provider and provide extensive information and data to the organization, from compliance with set travel times, deviation from the planned route, for satisfaction surveys of employees in the organization, the number of inquiries in the app and more


Creating optimal routes
Adjusting the size of the vehicle for transportation
Shift times and introduction to the destination
Transportation price list management
Adaptation to the requirements and policies of the organization
Monitoring the shuttle provider and driver activity
Planning versus execution and tracking delays
Establishment of collection and mapping stations for employees
Register for a shift directly from the app
Concentration of data and reports on demand
Interface to YIT, Ituran and Pointer
Restriction of passengers in vehicles

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